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6 Creedmoor

Compatible Case Trimmer Tools & Accessories
Original Case Trimmer

Manual – CT1010

Power – PT1010

Case Trimmer Collet

#1 – CT2001

Case Trimmer Pilot

#24 – CT1024

Neck Reamer

#243 – NR1243

3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter
Trimmer-mounted Outside Neck Turner Pilot
Hand-held Outside Neck Turner Pilot
6 CreedmoorCompatible Co-Ax® Press Tools & Accessories
Reloading Press

Co-Ax – 028271

Shell Holders

"S" (standard jaws, large end) – 001231

Full Length Sizing Die

+ Seater Set – 004177

Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die
Bench Rest® Seater Die

Set w/FLS – 004177

Ultra Micrometer Seater Die
6 Creedmoor 
Gunsmithing Tools
Headspace Gage – GO
Headspace Gage – NO GO
Headspace Gage – FIELD